Been feeling like your wardrobe is a bit more "blah" than "blazed" these days? Get a change this season with the new way of dressing.

It's superficial, but reality people look at you, and in a moment you are judged based on the way you look. You could be rich as hell, but you will be perceived according to your dressing sense- if you're dressed like a bum, mustard stains and all, then you will be adjudged accordingly. That's why it is important to look your best whenever you go out.

Remember that American phrase "Casual Friday"? Yes, no wonder this is not the trend that is set all of a sudden.
It came long time back. Going casually formal is what the present day fashion is. Life definitely has become less formal than it used to be. As dress codes in the workplace continue to ease up, the race is on to find a comfortable alternative to the conventional suit and this new generation of designers sees casuals blended with formals as the best solution. Fewer men buy suits these days, as they already have enough to choose from. "Men have eased up in a way in which they present themselves and casuals are the best way to express their cultural mood," says designer Raghuvendra Rathore who holds mastery in men's clean cuts.

Do you stick to a drab palette of black, gray, blue, and the occasional khaki-coloured neutral? If you answer "yes" to either of these questions, consider injecting some life into your wardrobe with a few brightly coloured pieces. Now when it comes to wearing these smart casuals, one needs to understand what it is and how to go for combinations. For this you can proceed with every single piece of dress that you wear.


For a man, trousers are an item of clothing for setting off the rest of the clothes. Why? Because they are below eye level and people don't notice them so much, unless they look terrible. So when thinking about trousers, it's actually better to think about what you want to wear above. What to wear with a specific casual shirt or top? You need to think about its colour and shape and choose trousers accordingly. So, for a light shirt or top, go for light or dark trousers. If it's a dark shirt, dark trousers will be better. In other words, the trousers should not be lighter than what you are wearing above.

And if you truly wanna go for the casually formal look then best is to wear a round neck Tec Shirt with a complete formal trousers. Surprised, but that's what the look of the day is. The great thing about this new wear is it is very versatile. It's all about the look and the way you carry it."


Days are gone when it was considered to be an evening or outdoors wear. Today a pair of jeans is a must item in any men's wardrobe. But the present style is- wearing a smart formal shirt with jeans. No wonder the look will be all-different and definitely eye catching. And wear a good belt that is about the same width, as the loops- too small will look mean, like a piece of string. "Complete formal look might not go with all men so this way of mixing the two styles helps in improving the look and also makes you feel less conscious," says designer Rana Gill.


The traditional way is tuck the shirt into your trousers. But the current trend is to wear it untucked. This looks super casual. The danger is that it can look super slobby, unless the quality of all that you arc wearing is high. Shirts come in all variety. Choose button-downs for a relaxed American look and make sure to choose reasonably weighty cotton. These shirts usually come in clear colours and are very easy to wear. How many buttons to leave undone at the neck? We suggest just one, perhaps two if they arc very close together. What you want to avoid at all costs is to show some chest hair sprouting out of the shirt! Very uncool, non-u, not the done thing. the next thing that might come to your mind is-should a T-shirt or vest be visible with one or more buttons open? If you do, it will look very casual. The advantage is that its light colour will light up your face.


Wearing colour has become a sign of style for straight guys who care about their appearance and whose wardrobe extends beyond flannel shirts and ripped jeans. And though the initial jump to new shades and tones can he intimidating for many men, simply follow the rules to ensure that your relationship with red, green, yellow, and even fuchsia remains colourful and coordinated, and the colours you wear will reflect your bright personality. Although wearing colour can be a tricky thing for men, a few splashes here and there will update all the clothes you already own and ensure that you stand stylishly apart from the crowd.

The darker your skin tone, the brighter the colour you can get away with. Those with very pale skin should choose lighter to more medium shades, while those with very dark skin should go for brighter colors to avoid seeming washed out.

We have freed ourselves of constraint and become open to new dynamics of fashion elements. The new generation of managers and professionals needs to move on to a new style of fashion that makes them free yet maintains their elegance.


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