This season, let your traveller spirit become free. The new mantra is to travel light. Thus, the pick of the season is the travelling bag, which not only keeps you mobile, but also ensures that you move in style...

For centuries men have laughed off the excess luggage of a lady, but as the world evolves, they too realise that may be, the concept of carrying a handbag is sensible after all. There is only so much that one can shove into the pockets, in addition to which, the need to carry a laptop, keys, wallets and many other trivial objects is now a necessity for both males and females, alike. For the everyday stuff, there are various types of bags that are suitable for a number of purposes.

The Briefcase -

When it comes to acceptable handbags for professionals, there is no other than the good old briefcase. However, the briefcases used today are a far cry from the ones used by our fathers and grandfathers. These new briefcases are no longer boxy-shaped and don't have those sharp corners, but use a more rounded edge. They still employ the use of buckles, a leather exterior, and practical interior compartments, making this bag a basic in the wardrobe for the working person.

The Messenger Bag -

The slick-looking messenger bag is designed after bags traditionally carried by messengers throughout history. They are normally made from a canvas material and swung across the shoulder. These bags have become a big part of urban fashion. The men's messenger bag has a laidback style to go with a classic, casual flair, while the leather messenger tote screams uptown sophistication. And to top it all, they are flexible enough to carry laptops of most shapes and sizes.

The Holdall -

A true traveller needs to own a holdall for those exciting weekend getaways or out of town business trips. What was once considered big and bulky has been transformed into a sleek and stylish carry-all. The design for these bags was inspired by the duffel bag, believe it or not. Now, thanks to a largely leather exterior and a more refined appearance, it takes on more of a classic look than a practical one.


Diva, the gem-filtered vodka, is an exceptionally smooth, wheat-based, ultra-premium spirit of style and substance. Diva is triple distilled and filtered through Nordic birch charcoal, then filtered through a dense column of gems, including diamonds, rubies, emeralds for a final polish before bottling. No two bottles are alike. Prices would range between $70 up to $1 million depending on the usage of the valuable stones in the bottle.


Louis XIII Black Pearl Magnum cognac by Remy Martin

Louis XIII Black Pearl Magnum cognac, is a limited edition piece. The spirit, produced by Remy Martin, designed by Baccarat and hand-blown from black crystal. The 1.75 liter bottle is worth US $80,000.


The Maximo Extra Anejo by Havana Club is one of the most expensive rum in the world. Havana Club Maximo Extra Afiejo first impresses the eye with its amber glow, darkened by prolonged ageing. Next, the nose, with a rich aroma that balances oak and smoke with fresh pear and coconut. Lastly, the tongue, with a powerfully smooth woody taste accented by vanilla and chocolate, and an irresistible spicy finish. Priced at US $54000.


Each one of the limited-edition tequila bottles, resemble a barbed sea shell and are engraved by Alejandro Gomez Oropeza, a Mexican artist. The tequila is made from pure sap of the blue agave plant that has been fermented, distilled, and aged for six years, no wonder, Passion Azteca is the most expensive Tequila in the world. Priced at US$225,000.


When it comes to ice creams, there aren't any stops. Right from children to world leaders (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, George Bush) to philanthropist-billionaires (Bill Gates), film stars (Jackie Chan, Eddie Murphy), there isn't a single person who dislikes ice cream...

Ice Cream are available in almost every conceivable taste, colour, flavour and texture. And if you're thinking in superlatives, then European is what you should go with. There are no two ways about it-Italian and French ice creams are the best in the world. In France, Nice's old town has Place Rossetti, where the Fenocchio Ice Cream Parlour opened in 1966. In the words of Francis Fenocchio, its proud owner, "In the pure tradition of the ice cream maker's craft, we produce top-quality ice-creams and sorbets from the finest, carefully selected raw materials."

The reason for this is the modern manufacturing methods employed by Fenocchio. The ice cream comes from a state-of-the-art laboratory that meets current hygiene and safety standards. And it's a family enterprise all the way. Since the day of its inception, it has always been run by the Fenocchio family. Today, Francis and his wife Giselda are at the helm of this hugely successful business. A second outlet has opened in 1988, also in Nice's old town, near Cours Saleya, at Rue de la Poissonnerie.

It's really no surprise why this long-established ice cream parlour is so popular. Both are situated at choice locations, but what brings in the crowds is the huge range of home-made ice creams: there are 70 different flavours you can choose from. Old favourites like Cafe Liegeois and Peach Melba sit alongside more unusual flavours like Comte de Nice, or Mandarin ice cream with whipped cream, pine nuts and candied mandarins (oranges); or Negus, or six different chocolate flavours.


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