Coloured metal roofing is seen growing popularity today and besides the obvious use in industrial structures, manufacturers are positioning these for residential and retail building as well.

From a scenario in which metal roofing conjured images of corrugated GI sheets put over outhouses and sheds. Indian construction has embraced the new-age metal roof in a big way. The market size for coloured metal has grown from 48,000 tonnes per annum to about 210,000 tonnes per annum in a short span of a few years. Growth is estimated at 15-20%.

All factors considered, industrial roofing is the most popular use of metal roofing and has been revolutionized by coloured metal roofing sheets. New uses of coloured metal roofing sheets are now being seen. Mostly in residential projects, metal roofs are used in conjunction with conventional RCC roofs, to save cost.


They are strong, made from steel, aluminium or metal alloys that is high on strength and Coloured metal roofing is seen growing popularity today and besides the obvious use in industrial structures, manufacturers are positioning these for residential and retail buildings as well durability. This means that they can withstand wind loads, rain, hail and snow and other impact They are resistant to fire having a mild chances to get effected by mould and mildew, which are common problem in tropical climate like India.

Much lighter than RCC or terracotta tiles, metal roofs allow3 you to design a structural framework that will cost you less.

Unlike the older GI and asbestos -cement corrugated roofs that were fixed with J-hooks and posed several problems, modern day metal sheet roofs are fixed using fastener. Several systems exist to seal the joints between roofing sheets and these ensure speed and accuracy.

With increased emphasis on aesthetics across the board, regardless type of building, the architects need solution that allow them to realize their imagination. Metal roofs are flexible in terms of shape and many manufacturers now offer on-site technology that moulds the sheets to, the desired shape and size.


This is the area where there is maximum confusion. Though, it is a little more expensive to insulate a metal roof, making it costly option for residence, a number of factors make it suitable for Indian weather.



Acceptance of the product is directly proportional to its availability into the market. The more it will be available to the market the more will be its acceptance.


A prime factor on this is the limited availability of colours worldwide. Though it is technically feasible to manufacture a large range of colours.the main problem is that of logistics.

It is still a costly option as compared to concrete roofs. Even though the cost of metal sheeting has come down as compared to a few years ago, the raw material ,in this case steel and aluminium are expensive.

This is an industry-wide problem, across products as well as among different stakeholders in construction. Architects and engineers can play a major role here by specifying quality and correct application and handling of these products.


Thousands of encroacher's heart are pounding & as many traders hanging in the run up to the adoption of a new master plan(MP) for Delhi lnspite of all the drama surrounding the development of a Master Plan for India's concretely chaotic capital, we look at how two of the better known cities of the world problem the job.(these are not comparisons with the Indian metro but as far as the urban planning & city planning goes, Delhi indeed is not even near these shining lights of global urban crape, at least as yet.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority's (URA's) website looks just as vibrant as the picture that comes in mind first by the mere mention of Singapore. Now when we speak about a mother document, we think of a concept plan, that is a long-term strategic plan for the country's vision' over the next 40-50 years, while a master plan is medium term plan for the city-states development in the next 10-15 years.

The master plan translates the broad strategies proposed in the concept plan to guide the physical development of Singapore over the next 10-15 years. From the master plan owners, architects, planners & developers know what can be constructed where & how high the buildings can be & how intensively the land can be used, according to the URA website. It indicates the kind of use allowed on every plot of land in Singapore. Until the master plan 2003 was drawn, it's preceding 1998 one divided Singapore into 55 planning areas, each with detailed development plan guides that made a master plan. The master plan 2003 divides the state into five regions-western north, north east, eat and central. Frequency of master plan revision, after five years a plan is reviewed & can also be amended in the intervening period, as was done with master plan 2003 early this year.

Participation in preparation: Subject groups are part of the process & the public can also send its ideas. Draft master plan 2003 was exhibited region wise for public comments. During the proposed master plan 2003's review, the parks & water bodies & identity plan started in July 2001.The proposed master plan was finally gazette in December, 2003.


Being a developed city, New York City has no master plan. The New York city zoning revolution of 1916, touted as the United States First such comprehensive documents, is still the basics of urban planning in the Big Apple. It is flexible enough to address the advances in technology, neighbourhood transformation, emerging design philosophies & changing patterns of use that combine to make New York a great city according to an official New York city website.

Zonal plans - New York City is carved into 3 basic zoning districts-residential, commercial & manufacturing which are further divided as lower, medium or higher density districts. Among other things like the 18 permitted uses, a zoning district regulates the number of houses that can be built & the open space on a zoning lot. There are 126 New York city zoning maps that show the locations & boundaries of zoning districts as well as special purpose & commercial overlay districts. There are 126 New York City zoning maps that show the locations and boundaries of zoning districts as well as special purpose and commercial overlay districts each zone measures about 8,000 ft.(north/south) by 1,500 ft.(east/west).

Revision and amendments :
Amendments to the zoning texts or maps, sometimes called rezoning are often proposed by the department of City planning and other public entities to effect broad changes land use conditions. Amendments may also be proposed by private applications to facilitate development proposals according to the websites. The Zoning Resolution is amended quite often.

A zonal plan's requirements can be waived if the city planning commission (CPC) wants to. "Under certain specific circumstances in the Zoning resolution, the city planning commission may, at its discretion and by resolution at a public meeting, modify certain zoning requirements for a particular development provided the specific findings can be satisfied. For example, lot of coverage controls in the special Hillside district may be modified if the CPC finds that development would not be possible without the modifications, that preservation of hillsides having aesthetic value would be assured, and that the modification would not impair the natural topography, drainage or essential character of the area.


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