What Your Shoes Say about You
When was the last time you really thought about the shoes on your feet? A week ago, a month? Or when you were trapped within your mother's womb and you wondered, "If I could get some better footing in here, I just might be able to climb out myself". Either way, it is probably about time that you start to think about them again.

Which shoe is right for you, where should they be worn, and who really cares about all this anyway?

LOAFERS: A pair of loafers is even worse than the loafer who is standing within them. This one shoe actually got its name right for a change. Kind of a combination between flip-flops and wingtips; but with absolutely no direction as to their real purpose... I guess, kind of like the people who are found wearing them.

BARE FEET: In today's world of broken glass and nails; the one who is without shoes has either lost them due to irresponsibility or is just plain stupid. This look has not been in style since Papa Caveman discovered volcanic overspill... with his bare feet!

FUZZY SLEEPERS: This is a statement that says that you are a successful entrepreneur who is on the way up in the world. You know what you want and are not afraid to stick your neck out and take it. These are generally the casual shoe of choice for most CEO's... NOT!!! And if you believe all of that, then you are probably wearing a pair of pink bunny slippers at this very moment!

JOGGING SHOES: Seeing these as anything other than a could tell you something right off the bat; they obviously not being used to jog in. This individual is trying to tell the world that they are in shape, athletic, and are really on the move. Where they are on the move to however is the recliner, refrigerator or toilet; and not necessarily in that order.

Unless inserted into a pile of cow pies and kicked ferociously to the doe-si-doe, there is just not much use for these anymore. This person actually believes that, they are a cowboy in a world of mechanical bulls and artificial insemination. I say to them, yes, Halloween is but a great holiday that comes around once a year; but for the other 364 days why don't you just keep them parked in your ass!

These individuals believe in the finer things in life; at least they would like you to think so. They are comfortable in this age-old fashion statement and often refuse to change; but they really should consider a change... very seriously consider it!

FLIP-FLOPS: Earthy, free-willed, and about as lazy as you can possibly get.

HEELS : Some say it is to appear taller, while others say it is to make their legs look sexier... but then I asked a few women about the subject! I say who cares... this is one item of clothing that works well with almost anything on a woman's body. It works with a leather overcoat, a grey power suit, a sparkly evening gown; but most appropriately their naked body.

Ever hear the song You Can Leave Your Hat On? Well, it's wrong; leave your heels on!

Two more inches of fun and they won't be able to run away...

WING TIPS : Okay, so these can actually be quite classy and mature if they are worn with the right outfit. The problem here is that the outfit is Sears's tough skin trousers, a plaid collared golf shirt, and adult fit depends diapers. These shoes may very well insure that you won't be carded at all the hippest clubs in town, but with these planted on your feet you probably won't be invited in either.


In the beginning, ESPN brought together windsurfing, bungy jumping, kiteskiing, skysurfing and barefoot jumping in a bill touted as the Extreme Games. The next year, the E and the treme were dropped, and the X Games took shape, and the word extreme would never again be the same.

During the decade of summers that followed, 29 different disciplines would be dropped, leaving professional street lugers and in-line skaters alike to take their battles back to the streets, sans TV cameras.

Chapters of action sports history have been compiled at the Games, where records are broken every year. Some of the most memorable moments of X are those that turned bikers and skateboarders into celebrities and idols.

Here are the most famous X games, which have been Xtremely popular

is the act of rolling on, or interacting with a skateboard. Someone who skateboards is called a Skater or Skateboarder. Skateboarding can be an art, hobby, sport or a method of transportation. It is often marketed as an extreme sport, (although some skaters criticise this) and because of its creative aspects, it can be seen as an art form, shaped and influenced by hundreds of skateboarders throughout the years. A 2002 report by American Sports Data found that there were 12.5 million skateboarders in the world. Eighty percent of the polled skateboarders, who had used a board were under the age of 18 and 74.

STREET The 10 best street skaters will compete in a true street competition of natural terrain. Skaters will grind, ollie onto or over concrete ledges and benches, jump stairs and gaps and board slide down handrails. This competition is a tribute to the urban roots of the street skating.

STREET BEST TRICK An open designated format that enables skaters to go for their most difficult and impressive tricks on three best trick areas without putting a run together.

PARK : Twenty professional skaters try to accumulate points by maneuvering over, through and on to obstacles, grinding on ledges and handrails in a course planned by a world class designer, specifically for skateboarding. Sketers are judged on creativity, amplitude and their ability to use the entire course.

VERT This event has become a cornerstone of X Games. Twenty competitors face a huge half pipe constructed of wood, screws, and skatelite. They then have only 45 seconds to put together a run that's not only judged on amplitude out of the pipe, but also by what kind of technical tricks the skater can put together above or on the coping "lip" of the pipe.

VERT DOUBLE : Skaters pick their own partners and try to create unique lines together. Runs often include shadow tricks (in unison over-under airs and opposite airs. Partners get a greater number of points for teamwork.

VERT BEST TRICK An open jam format that enables skaters to try their most difficult and most spectacular tricks without putting a run together.


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