Whoever you might be, in today's day and age, staying in shape is a matter of thought for all; the most important aspect about working out is motivation and consistency. Here are some of the latest and most creative forms of workouts to keep you up and kickin'.

It's the nth visit to the doctor and you've heard him give the same advice like he did four months ago. As always, this time you have left his clinic feeling all determined to follow his advice. Once again, for the nth time, you've made that call and the registration. But, this time you are certain to stick to your promise. So, you enrol for a year's membership at your local gym. Heard this one before? Well, let's for the nth time take you through the entire regime of how the first week goes as per the plan. Then, it's the second week. You miss a day. Well, it's okay considering you've been regular, isn't it? But, as you progress, you seem to have more misses than hits. And, the story repeats. The visit to the doc, the registration and you know the rest.

This time, it might be a tweak different. To make your workouts more fun and regular, instructors are getting creative. They are introducing new forms of exercise to suit your needs, complete with zing and mind-body relaxation that offer some great results. Ready to try and give your story a new start? blood flow and reduce cellulite if used for 15 minutes, thrice a week! Don't pinch yourself. It's true, claim the users. "Power Plate is instant and effective. If I ever miss my workout, I feel lost and lethargic," says Tushar Khanna, a 26-year-old hotelier. Now, that's a new twist.

In pole dancing, you can perform exercises such as pelvic moves, high-rolls and so on. Like any other fitness workout, this builds strength and adds flexibility. But, there is a difference. It aims at empowering women with self confidence and makes them love their bodies, while giving a good workout. So, do we see this trend moving out of gyms and into people's homes?


Looking for a workout that is as fast as microwave cooking? Stop right there. The technology is here. It is the choice of Chinese national teams participating in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Madonna, who has made it a hit with her amazing new physique. If you are wondering what is this hullabaloo all about? Hear it from the expert, "Power Plate is a machine that gives the body's muscles a high-speed workout by using vibrations to stimulate them to contract and relax. Usually, muscles contract once or twice a second, but on the Power Plate, its vibrations cause an automatic reflex muscle contraction of 30-50 per second, In addition to increasing strength and toning the body, makers boast that it can improve blood flow and reduce cellulite if used for 15 minutes, thrice a week. Don't pinch yourself. It's true, claim the users. Power plate is instant and effective. If You ever miss my workout, you feel lost and lethargic.

Power Plate promises you the same results as 60-minutes of regular, high-intensity workout. Further, users claim that after the exercise the deep tissue massage relaxes your muscles and you do not feel any soreness. So the next day you don't feel like you need a crane to get you out of bed. Once you are trained, you can use this at home. A basic Power Plate would cost around Rs 2.5 lakh and the advanced version is priced at Rs 5 lakh plus taxes.


Pole dancing or lap dancing is no longer restricted to professional dancers. Mastering this art of dancing is fast becoming a mainstream exercise regime for women across the world. So drop your inhibitions, and get into some nice gym shorts and move to the music. "Exotic dancing is much more than just dancing sexy. It is about finding your inner beauty and transforming it into a sensual movement. The moves, exercises and tips are designed to help you find your rhythm, style and grace, Clearly, with music pounding to a steady beat, the sultry sweats of pole dancing are no longer just sultry expressions. It is now considered an athletic and artistic form of dance and exercise.

For many in the US, Canada and in other countries, floor to ceiling metal poles have replaced stationary bikes and treadmills as a choice of aerobic exercise. In India, it is still a difficult proposition, But, there are enthusiasts. "Treadmills and exercise bikes do get boring after sometime, pole workout sounds like its fun and something that would be motivating.


It's kicking its way into every exercise programme and dance class in the world. It's red hot, exciting and exhausting, yet takes working out to another level. Capoeira, the 500-yearold dance infused martial art form from Brazil offers a very intense physical and mental, cardiovascular workout that strengthens and tones core muscles, improves flexibility, agility, balance and burns off excess weight.

Monitor Baba (Reza Massah), who is a certified capoeira trainer in India, says, "Distinctive from other martial arts because of the music, the continuous movement of the players and the minimal contact involved, it is often (mis) taken for a dance. However, let not the grace and flexibility of the players hide their strength and skill. Indeed, all over the world, people of all ages, men, women and children are making it a part of their routines."


There is yoga, and then there are yoga forms. This time it's Passion Yoga. After all, it's a time when people are looking at quick results. So, how can yoga, with its slow stretches, steady asanas (postures), conscious meditation and conventional pranayama (breathing techniques), still be a popular choice? Well, turn up the heat with Passion Yoga. The classes consist of a series of asanas that are done in quick succession in a slightly warm room to make you sweat, detox and exercise, all at once. Here, the bodies groove to peppy, instrumental numbers. Surya Namaskars are integrated in quick succession, with at least 10 different asanas. At the end of the class you are still likely to feel the circulating energy that helps tone and flex your body. But, there is one thing that remains true to natural yoga (if we may still call it that). The class ends with the chanting of 'Om'. So, are you ready for some enlightenment?


You've tried everything, but the flab around your stomach is staying on like an unwanted guest. Well, it's time you attack it with this new method that promises to work as a therapy and promotes flexibility, balance, vestibular stimulation, strength and co-ordination. And, for this you don't have to run from machine to machine at your gym.

All you have to do is, get a ball. Yes, it's called the Swiss Ball workout. Introduced in Switzlerland by Dr Susanne Klein-Vogelbach in 1909, thus aptly called the Swiss Ball, this was used for the treatment of orthopedic and neurological disorders. Today, this ball has made its way to exercise floors and studios. Unlike machine training, where the equipment stabilises your muscles, the ball workout requires constant use of your muscles to stabilise the body. Else, you will be on the floor and the ball rolling to one corner of the room. But don't be discouraged, Even the savviest person may feel a bit uneasy on the Swiss Ball, initially. The ball wobbles as you workout. Therefore, the exercises that you perform engage more muscles than traditional exercises. But, according to arma, a Mumbai based fitness trainer, "Once you get strong enough to control it, you can get hooked! Well, looks like there is no harm in trying it out.


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