It is generally referred to as Ringan By, Rangan by, Arkulanisa and other names. Sciatica is a disease, which is caused due to only one dosha, for example paralysis, sciatica, joint pain, shivering, numbness, cramps etc. Vata dosha leads to burning sensation, heat, sweating, blue coloration, bleeding piles etc and pitta dosha causes drowsiness, sleepiness, laziness, disinterest, lethargy etc. On the contrary the diseases caused due to vata and those caused due to all the three doshas are considered to be normal. For example, fever, respiratory problem, cough, anxiety are normal disease.

It is necessary to clarify that Saint Charak has described Sciatica to be a normal disease in the 19th stanza of eighth chapter and said, "Doe Grudbrasjo", which means Sciatica is basically of two types- generated due to vata and raid-kapha.


Polluted air accumulated in the hips, groin, knees and anklebone cause this disease. Vata dosha is generally caused due to the consumption of sour, bitter, pungent, dry and cold things, waking up till late hours, over indulgence in sexual pleasure, eating stale food, excessive labour, riding scooter, cycle or camel, excessive exercise, problems due to vomiting, evacuation, excessive evacuation of feaces and urine, grief, worry, anger, daydreaming, controlling the urge to pass urine, bowels, etc. loss of humours, sleeping on a bed, which does not give proper sleep, bending and lifting weights, living in air-conditioned atmosphere for a long time and aging and other factors lead to wind pollution.


The hidden symptoms are the early symptoms of this disease. The classical texts contain all the different forms of this disease. The early symptoms or precondition of this disease have been described as 'disease causing harm to knee and caused due to vata. It has been said Avyaktam lakshanam tesbam purvarupeti smritanl


Swelling is the main symptom of this disease. It causes shooting pain, stiffness, sporadic movements and current like sensation beginning from knee and carried up to the groin, thigh and finally till the ankle bone. Sleeping in cold or air-conditioned atmosphere, taking bath with cold water aggravates the condition. The pain also increases while sneezing and coughing. Sciatica is normally seen in one leg but sometimes the patients suffer pain in both the legs. According to the new system, the sciatica nerve is formed with the joining of the fifth hip nerve and the first and second nerves of the cerebral column (L5- SI-S2). When the nerve joints become weak or pressure is laid on these nerves then sciatica pain is caused. The nerve faces pressure when there is some deformity in the nerves of hinders part, spine, waist, stone in the stomach, problems of the bowels and other reasons. Fissure in the intra vertebral disc, local pain, pain in the hip joint are the other reasons. The patient suffers pain in the sciatica nerve and its branches. The disease begins very slowly but sometimes the pain becomes unbearable. This causes problem in walking and changing postures. There is unbearable pain, tickling, burning sensation and a creeping like sensation in the nerve. When the patient stands up he or she wants to put more pressure on the healthy leg. The other leg is somewhat contracted in the thigh joints and expanded in the anklebone area. The patient while walking tries to keep the leg in a position in which the big toe rubs with the floor.

He keeps his leg in the same position at the time of sleeping as well. The patient wants that the nerve should not be under pressure.

Reduction in the digestive fire is the main reason for vata-kappa sciatica. In this case the patient faces drowsiness, saliva in the mouth and pain due to stiffness. The pain is more severe in the morning but gradually reduces with walking.


Make the patient lied down with straight legs in Uttan asana. Now keep the hand below the ankle and keep the knee straight and slowly raise the leg. At this time the pace slows down, whereas in normal condition the leg can be easily raised up to 90 degrees. This is called Lasegue sign.

The patient suffers with planter reflex deformity. In this case, take a pen or key on the outer side of the fingers near the ankle. In normal condition the toes will contract but when the upper motor neuron is deformed the result is just the opposite.


There is no fixed duration for this disease. The disease is permanent. In case of severe condition the duration might be less. The chances of lapsing are also quiet meager. On the other hand the mild form of disease continues for a long time and there are chances of recurrence. The disease, which lapses, should be considered difficult in treatment.


In case of sciatica emesis and purgation should he carried on before oleation and fomentation and digestion, medicine should be given so that the digestive fire becomes strong. The Marti should he used after the whole process. If the disease is caused due to kappa vata then do not massage in the beginning. In this case fomentation with poultice of castor seeds is beneficial. If the patient is suffering with unbearable pain then nirgundadi Jonah and koladi lep are beneficial. 1. Nirgundadi Upnah: Heat the paste of leaves of nirgundi, madar, shefali, thorn apple (Dhatura), bakegun, sakan, and errand and tie the poultice on the waist, joints and other affected areas. 2. Koladi Lep: Make the powder out of Jharber, KuIthi,Dendaru powder, Rasna, Horse bean, Aisi, sesame seed, castor seed, firth, Ghodabach, Soya and barley and add vinegar and make a paste. Heat the paste and apply on the affected area or db fomentation with the poultice.


Diet: Sweet, acidic, salty diet which increases the digestive fire food, items that give strength. Activity: complete rest, sleep on a flat bed, preferable a wooden bed without mattress, hot water bath and avoid dry food.


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